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House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy introduced legislation aimed at holding the Chinese Communist Party to account, via the House GOP’s China task

Biden Campaigns Funneled Over $70,000 To Hunter Biden, Nearly $150,000 To Entire Family <!--

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) attempted to adjourn the Senate on Monday night, in hopes of derailing Judge Barrett’s confirmation to

A select few Fairfax County public schools launched a pilot program this week that would meet students' needs both in and out

Presidential Debate Commission Ditches Foreign Policy Focus Following Hunter Biden Laptop Leaks <!-- /Rank

Gov. Andrew Cuomo blames everyone but himself for the thousands of COVID-related fatalities in New York these past several months. A heartbreaking

A surge in coronavirus hospitalizations in Wales has urged public health officials to make a drastic decision. Public Health Wales confirmed 3,870

A recent study conducted by the Jewish Electorate Institute found that 67% of American Jewish respondents planned to vote for Joe Biden