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Recently installed on a large grassy expanse of Washington D.C.'s National Mall near the Washington Monument is a sight that is hard to ignore.

With lessons learned from 9/11 so widely, recently and painfully recounted, the story of suffering and loss that continue for more than 100,000 fellow

A recent news release by strategic consulting and market research firm BlueWeave Consulting reveals that the global processed snacks market was worth $390.3 billion

I have written a lot about the debilitating and often accelerating effects of anxiety created by the world we now occupy, as well as

When it comes to wildfires wreaking havoc across the country, there seems to be no safe distance to be found from their fallout. This

When a single wildfire can ravage (as of Monday) nearly 867 square miles — an area roughly the size of the Olympic city of

The heat of the Olympics is officially over, but prevailing excessively high temperatures will not only continue, but loads of people will also be

In the last two weeks, I've never seen such a parade of sweaty people on TV. I mean this in the most positive of