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By Robert Romano After Democrats in 2020 secured the White House, House and Senate, completing the trifecta for President Joe Biden as has every Democratic,

During the pandemic, Republicans were able to put into practice everything they believe in and have shown the country that limited government is the

This sustained and substantial increase in the producer cost of final goods is akin to finding a dead canary in the mine shaft of

By Robert Romano “Sadly, during the course of the pandemic, one-third of our small businesses have closed.” That was Vice President Kamala Harris in a June

Backs up calls for crack down on opponents with $100 million in new spending for FBI, DHS, DoJ By Catherine Mortensen Attorney General Merrick Garland called

By Robert Romano A group of bipartisan bills that purport to address Big Tech monopolies by Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter are being advanced

Biden sold America out and offered concessions and niceties. This isn’t leadership, it is surrender. By Catherine Mortensen President Joe Biden showed his true colors while

TOWNHALL By Rick Manning Vice President Kamala Harris is in the ultimate no-win position when it comes to visiting the U.S./Mexico border.  If she doesn’t go,