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By Robert Romano Since the very first presidential election in 1788 and 1789, there have been 11 first-term presidents who stood for reelection and were

Nancy Pelosi and today’s left have embraced that socialist model, the Marxist model of not integrating and having segregation and essentially creating a permanent

Joe Biden’s first year in office is nothing but broken promises. His historically low poll numbers reflect the growing truth that he is a

The Paul report points to the disparate impact that the Biden inflation cycle is having on people with fixed or lower incomes as items The media tell us: fear states like Florida that have lenient COVID policies. Stricter rules are safer. As usual, the media got it

Biden’s presidency, much as the man himself, is increasingly fragile. By Catherine Mortensen When I was a local TV news reporter, my mantra as I chased

By ending CRT and mask mandates in public schools Youngkin works to restore excellence in education Fairfax, Va. – Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed nine

We are going to continue to have supply chain problems until we get diesel prices under control.That is a massive driver in terms of