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By Robert Romano On Feb. 7, President Joe Biden engaged in a baseless fear-mongering campaign, accusing U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and the new

By Robert Romano “President Biden’s failure to submit his budget to Congress by the deadline for the third year in a row, along with my I talked to Mike Pompeo for an hour. He often surprised me, and sometimes ticked me off. ———— To get our new weekly video

By Robert Romano Thanks to 2020 changes to federal law and regulations during the Covid pandemic not to disenroll Medicaid patients who no longer qualified Has America become a nation of freeloaders? A person panhandling is what we usually picture when we think of freeloading … but in America

By Rick Manning Censorship of conservative voices by establishment media owners has hit a new low with the decision by AT&T and its subsidiary DirecTV

By Robert Romano The Federal Reserve has once again hiked the federal funds rate that it controls in its Feb. 1 meeting of the Board

By Robert Romano Just two weeks after extending the Department of Health and Human Services’ public health emergency for the Covid pandemic, and with imminent