Dave Says, ‘Only you can make it happen’

Only you can make it happen

Dear Dave,
I’ve got so many things I want to address and change about my life, both personally and professionally, in the coming year. Do you have any advice or practices for helping people be successful and achieve their goals?

Dear Tim,
Goals are dreams, but you can’t stop with just dreaming. Examining your goals inside and out, and by thoughtfully constructing small, achievable steps toward them is the key to creating change in your life. Remember, too, that it’s your responsibility—not someone else’s—to fix things in your life. If you’re waiting for someone or something else to make things better, you’re going to be disappointed.

When it comes to setting and achieving goals, be specific about what you want to achieve. Vague, unspecified ideas will only cause you to feel overwhelmed, and this will likely lead to you giving up. Also, make your goals measurable. If you want to lose weight, don’t simply write down “lose weight” as a goal. How much weight do you want to lose? How many pounds would you have to lose per week in order to see the desired result in a specified amount of time?

This one may sound silly, but are the goals you have in mind your goals? If a spouse or friend sets goals for you, you’re probably not going to succeed. Creating a goal, and taking ownership of it, will give you more incentive to meet your goal. Setting a time frame will help you develop more realistic goals, too. And last, always put your goals in writing. Write them down, and review them often. This will provide you with added motivation to make your goals a reality.

Successful people examine and reassess their lives on a regular basis. When they realize changes need to be made, they start living intentionally, in writing, on paper, and on purpose!

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This article, Dave Says - December 15, 2020, was first published by Dave Ramsey and is reprinted here with his premission. Please visit his website, DaveRamsey.com.

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