Bishops warn Catholic lawmakers who support abortion against taking communion

Just days after the Catholic archbishop in San Francisco banned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who claims to be Catholic but openly advocates for the rampant destruction of the unborn, not to take communion, the church’s bishops in Colorado have asked Catholic lawmakers there to abstain.

It’s because some of them have approved “one of the most extreme abortion bills in the country.”

Pelosi, of course, immediately went to another district of the Catholic church and took communion in defiance of the instructions from San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone in her home district.

The dispute arises because of the church’s longstanding and express opposition to abortion, and the politicians, who claim to be Catholic, open defiance of church teaching.

In fact, the letter signed by Denver Archbishop Samuel Aquila, Pueblo Archbishop Stephen Berg, Colorado Springs Bishop James Golka and Denver Auxiliary Bishop Jorge Rodriguez warned that “receiving the Eucharist in a state of mortal sin is sacrilegious because it is ‘a failure to show the reverence due to the sacred Body and Blood of Christ.’”

They instruct those Catholics in Colorado’s legislature who voted for the extreme abortion bill, which in fact apparently would allow the deaths of children after they are born, “until public repentance takes place and sacramental absolution is received in Confession, we ask that those Catholic legislators who live or worship in Colorado and who have voted for RHEA, to voluntarily refrain from receiving Holy Communion.”

They point out that the obligation is the church members’, not that of their priests.

“This request is not one that we make lightly, but since it is our duty to safeguard the faith and care for the souls of all the faithful – including these politicians – we must make it,” they wrote.

They also pointedly commended “state Senators Barbara Kirkmeyer, Kevin Priola and Jim Smallwood and Representative Andres Pico, Catholic lawmakers to voted to protect the unborn” and against the state’s Reproductive Health Equity Act.

The Catholic leaders pointed out that more than 350 testified against the bill in the House and more than 215 in the Senate “into the early hours of the morning,” but the state’s Democrat abortion fanatics approved it anyway.

The church leaders also called the abortion bill’s agenda “morally bankrupt” and specifically said voting for the plan is “a gravely sinful action.”

Those Catholics, they said, have “very likely placed themselves outside of the communion of the church.”

The leaders said, “It became clear by their public votes that several Catholic lawmakers support ending the lives of unborn children and declaring that a ‘fertilized egg, embryo or fetus’ has no ‘independent or derivative rights’ in Colorado.”

WND reported when Cordileone banned Pelosi from taking communion.

She refused to discuss the conflict when he contacted her, he said, so he was going public with the dispute.

Joe Biden could find himself in the same position, as he also claims to be a faithful Catholic yet advocates abortion at just about any point in the unborn baby’s term.

Pelosi repeatedly has claimed she is a “devout Catholic.” But a report confirmed she had “repeatedly rebuffed” Cordileone’s efforts to reach out to her to discuss her abortion advocacy.

The church’s position, since the first century, has been that procured abortion is a moral evil.

But Pelosi, in the past, has claimed that the church has “not been able to make” a definition of when life begins, in order to justify her abortion advocacy.

Pope Francis has said, “Whoever has an abortion kills. It is a human life.”

WND also reported that Colorado is trying to re-create itself as an abortion-tourism destination, in the circumstance that the Supreme Court would overturn Roe, allowing states to regulate the lucrative abortion industry.

When Colorado started its advocacy for infanticide, WND reported lawmakers there specifically said, in law, that the unborn babies have no rights in the state – none at all.

It was Live Action News that provided a little history of the post-birth abortion agenda:

“For years, pro-abortion bioethicists have been promoting after-birth abortion — infanticide — for children with disabilities. In some nations, such as Belgium, infants are already eligible for euthanasia, while some politicians in the United States fight against laws requiring babies who survive abortions to receive medical care. The average American may brush this off as a non-issue and choose to believe such propositions are out of the norm or nothing more than propaganda. But in a seemingly growing trend, pro-abortion legislators now appear to be attempting to legalize infanticide in some states using loopholes and specific language in laws regarding so-called reproductive rights.”

Back in 2012, medical ethicists Francesca Minerva and Alberto Guibilini said “parents should get a choice to end the lives of their newborns after birth because babies are ‘morally irrelevant’ and have ‘no moral right to life,’” the report said.

“Pro-abortion lawmakers have begun adding phrasing to so-called ‘reproductive rights’ bills that allows room for infanticide — whether active or passive. While legislation removing medical care rights from abortion survivors is not new, this year alone, legislators in three states have presented bills with language that would essentially legalize infanticide,” the report said.

First up was California, which proposed, “Notwithstanding any other law, a person shall not be subject to civil or criminal liability or penalty, or otherwise deprived of their rights under this article, based on their actions or omissions with respect to their pregnancy or actual, potential, or alleged pregnancy outcome, including miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion, or perinatal death due to a pregnancy-related cause.”

It doesn’t define “perinatal death” or “pregnancy-related cause.”

Another state was Maryland, which proposed similar language, that prohibits “any form of investigation or penalty for a person … experiencing a … perinatal death related to a failure to act.”

Finally, there was Colorado, taking the same actions.

Live Action explained Democrats in the majority in Colorado – and Democratic homosexual Gov. Jared Polis, could “legalize a woman’s right to leave her newborn child to die or allow for the acting ‘doctor’ to take action to kill the child. This has far-reaching, horrific consequences.”

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