Government’s own numbers undermine Biden’s boasts about deficit reduction

Now it is the government’s own numbers that show Joe Biden is misleading the American public when he boasts that he made a huge reduction in the nation’s budget deficit.

Biden repeatedly has claimed he has reduced the budget deficit by a trillion dollars – more than anyone else ever.

But the truth is that much of that reduction came because the government’s COVID-19 spending programs expired and officials no longer were handing out cash to any willing recipient, and not because of anything Biden did.

Just the News reports that’s the conclusion from the Congressional Budget Office.

In fact, the report said the CBO assessment calls Biden’s claims “into question.”

It noted “Biden’s fiscal policy boasts” include that he reduced the deficit by “more than $1 trillion.”

“They’re gonna talk about big-spending Democrats again,” the president said of his political detractors, according to Just the News. “Guess what? I reduced the deficit last year $350 billion. This year, federal deficit is down $1 trillion-plus. That’s a fact. And there’s gonna be hundreds of billions reduced over the next decade.”

The report said while the deficit in 2021 was about $2.77 trillion and that was $1.38 trillion in 2022, Biden leaves out the critical fact that “the colossal 2021 total was bloated by a unique series of stimulus packages of unprecedented size passed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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The report explained, “As that singular level of pandemic-specific relief spending wound down with the easing of public health fears, federal outlays fell as steeply and abruptly as they had risen, and the deficit narrowed commensurately – and independently of any policy dials twiddled by the Biden administration.”

In fact, on Twitter, when Biden boasted of cutting the deficit by $1 trillion, the platform openly corrected him with a note that his claim was “lacking some context.”

“Most of the drop is because of the recovery from COVID, and the government spending during that time coming to an end. There’s no indication that any policies have specifically targeted the deficit,” the correction said.

The report noted, “At the time of his MLK Day speech, the national deficit stood at roughly $421 billion, according to the Treasury. That number, however, has since risen to more than $460 billion. That figure will likely continue to rise as the fiscal year progresses. The $460 billion figure reflects the deficit in the 2023 fiscal year to date, meaning that figure includes the period from October 2022 to the present. That $460 billion fiscal gap actually represents an increase of $201 billion over the deficit recorded during the same interval in FY 2022, according to Treasury.”

The CBO report also warned the national debt is on a pathway right now to reach $46 trillion by 2023, if the current laws including Biden’s agenda remain “unchanged.”

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