Howie Carr: Fork over excess taxes NOW! Before hackerama pulls a grab back

Hey, Charlie Baker, I want my money back – NOW!

You owe me and the rest of the taxpayers of Massachusetts $2.94 billion, and I believe I can speak for almost all of us.

What do we want? OUR MONEY!

When do we want it? NOW!

In case you haven’t been paying attention, here’s the story:

Under the provisions of a previously-forgotten state law — call it Chapter 62F — the commonwealth is drowning in funny money, more Brandon bucks than it’s ever had before, so now the hacks must refund some of their ill-gotten gains back to the Americans it was lifted from.

This is almost $3 billion that by law must be returned to taxpayers, as opposed to Democrats. Not to “working families,” as Democrats like to describe nonworking nonfamilies, but to the people who in fact earned the money and paid the taxes.

This is $3 billion

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This post first appeared at The Boston Herald.

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