Howie Carr: Media standards for covering Biden and Trump? Make that a double

It’s truly amazing how differently news stories are handled, depending on whether or not Donald Trump can be painted as the villain.

As the saying goes, if it weren’t for double standards, the Democrats and state-run media (but I repeat myself) would have no standards at all.

This week’s example was yet another previously unthinkable event happening in Dementia Joe Biden’s dysfunctional, dystopian America: a nationwide shortage of baby formula.

Ask yourself, how loud would the media be screaming if Donald Trump had done absolutely nothing as this shortage of baby formula developed. And the suddenly the shelves were empty and young families were panicking over whether they’d have enough food to feed their infants.

And simultaneously, the criminal illegal aliens swarming across the Southern border were being delivered endless pallets of free formula that law-abiding American taxpayers can’t even buy — let alone get for free, forever, on every

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This post first appeared at The Boston Herald.

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