Leaked document reveals EU working to undermine Israel’s negotiations

A new report at The Gatestone Institute reveals that the European Union is meddling in the relationship between Israel and the Palestinians, helping the Palestinians try to take over territory that by mutual agreement was supposed to be controlled by Israel.

The report comes from Bassam Tawil, a Muslim Arab based in the Middle East, who wrote at the Gatestone website, that the E.U., according to a “leaked document” is working on behalf of the Palestinian Authority “to take over Area C of the West Bank – although the area was clearly agreed on, by both Israel and the Palestinians, until further negotiations, to be under Israeli control.”

Tawil said the E.U. is undermining the agreement by helping with “illegal construction.”

He said the document is from the E.U. mission in east Jerusalem, and impacts the Oslo Accords, in which the West Bank was divided into three areas, A to be under the Palestinian Authority, B to be run by the PA with a security sharing arrangement with Israel, and C to be under Israeli control.

He warned the E.U. “has chosen to ignore the decision made by the Israelis and Palestinians to reach a permanent and comprehensive peace agreement through negotiations. It has also chosen to encourage the Palestinians to break the law through illegal construction and land grabs.”

The E.U. , in fact, is helping with a “direct violation of the Oslo Accord,” he exlained.

“The E.U. , in short, is encouraging the Palestinians not to return to the negotiating table with Israel. Instead, the E.U. is telling the Palestinians that the E.U. will help them steal land as an alternative to reaching a peaceful settlement with Israel through negotiations,” he explained.

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He noted the document said, “The E.U.’s Area C program aims to foster the resilience of people, services and institutions, to reinforce Palestinian presence in Area C and to protect the rights of Palestinians living in Area C. The program contributes to serving Area C communities and Palestinian presence therein, so as to preserve Area C as part of a future Palestinian state.”

Gerald Steinberg, president of NGO Monitor, said the document “confirms” that the agenda by the E.U. raises to a very high level the possibility of a major confrontation between Israel and Europe.

The column noted that Jenny Aharon, who advises on E.U.-Israel affairs, pointed out that the E.U. was acting in defiance of its own declared goal.

“In order to comprehend what has transpired with the document and Israel’s reaction, it’s important to look into the context: the E.U. has strived to remain a neutral power as it states its opinion on Israel’s policies in the West Bank. It insists that its positions are based on meticulous compliance with international law, E.U. law and charter, and also the Oslo Accord. This claim is surely defied by the leaked document in which we can see an activist E.U. striving to help the Palestinians take over Area C, the very area that is designated to Israel’s control per the Oslo Accord which the E.U. claims to uphold.”

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