Warning issues about Biden using tax money to boost Democrat votes

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The midterm elections are just weeks away, when control of the U.S. House and Senate will be decided, and possibly the future of many of Joe Biden’s more extreme agendas, and warnings are being issued that he – and leftists in the nonprofit world – may use tax dollars or tax-exempt funding to boost his party’s turnout.

A new report in Just the News explains those actions would be taken “under the guise of protecting ‘democracy.’”

The concerns focus on Biden’s executive order from last year called “Promoting Access to Voting” in which he demanded that federal agencies work on ways for them to participate in the political process – and then submit their plans to his Domestic Policy Council.

Republicans in Congress already have written to 12 federal agencies and Biden’s appointees, Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young and Domestic Policy Council Director Susan Rice, with their concerns about possibility of inappropriate election interference and influence.

“Federal agencies should be focused on serving the American people by fulfilling their respective missions, not engaging in the Biden administration’s political activities,” wrote nine GOP House committee ranking members in a statement that followed the letters to the agencies.

“At a time when our nation is facing many crises, we want to ensure that President Biden is not diverting resources away from important programs that fall directly under our congressional oversight,” the Republicans said.

Just the News reported one of the big questions is how the federal departments can be involved in Biden’s political schemes and not have employees violate the Hatch Act, which bans federal workers from using their titles or positions if they get involved in political events.

Phill Kline, of The Amistad Project which has focused on election integrity in multiple ways, warned, “Biden is revving up his reelection campaign with federal agencies.”

He said the political planning is being pushed by “Biden Bucks,” alluding to “Zuckerbucks,” the approximately $400 million from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg provided to left-leaning foundations that in turn gave it to mostly leftist local election officials to recruit votes from Democrat strongholds in 2020.

WND has reported on the leftist influences on the 2020 vote, including Zuckerberg’s money, which already has prompted a complaint suggesting he and his wife, Priscilla Chan, be investigated and charged, if counts are appropriate, for their influence on the election results.

And GOP House leader Kevin McCarthy has accused Zuckerberg of colluding with the FBI to change the victor from President Donald Trump to Democrat Joe Biden.

That was because Zuckerberg admitted that he ordered accurate but very damaging information about the Biden family’s international business operations suppressed in the days before the 2020 vote.

“The FBI colluded with Big Tech to silence news stories weeks before the 2020 election in an attempt to control your access to information,” McCarthy charged. “Democrats in Congress have been intentionally ignoring the facts. When Republicans are back in charge, we will hold all of them accountable.”

Widespread outrage erupted instantly when Zuckerberg, in an interview, confessed that his company had, in fact, censored accurate reporting about Hunter Biden’s laptop, which contained massive amounts of information about the family’s scandals, including overseas business operations that sometimes involved America’s enemies and appeared to have provided profits to Joe Biden.

Then, of course, there was that estimated $400 million or so that Zuckerberg used to influence the results, which was given to foundations which used their leftist agenda to promote their favored results.

Zuckerberg’s money, by the way, was handed out outside the regular election spending channels, and was not subject to any oversight, as other campaign funding is.

Just the News explained Biden Bucks “are funding efforts similar to those funded privately in 2020 in the name of pandemic safety, the president is using taxpayer money under the pretext of democratic participation, according to Kline.”

He said if the intent behind the executive order is to target a voter profile that benefits one political party at the expense of another, it’s illegal.

He said the challenge remains to prove intent, and Biden’s administration is “trying to disguise” its agenda, the report said.

“The 2020 election yielded ‘enough evidence to prove intent,’ said Kline, as sophisticated technology was used ‘in certain areas to find Democratic voters to help turn them out while ignoring Republican profiles,’” the report said.

Kline pointed out there’s evidence appearing that leftists want to do the same thing in 2022.

He said Biden’s executive court could be facing a court challenge.

But even those resources are not always sufficient to correct illegal behavior, he said.

In Wisconsin, for instance, there was massive use of mail ballot drop boxes in 2020, but the state Supreme Court ruled they were illegal. However, while they are banned from future elections, there was no option for any correction to the illegal influence, and the likely impact on the election results, from 2020.

He suggested voters groups be given standing to challenge such illegal actions, and evidence of problems should be addressed before elections – not left until after.

Biden’s executive order regarding voter registration “is nearly identical to a federal election takeover plan crafted by the radical left-leaning group known as Demos,” Republicans in Congress have explained.

The report explained that’s a nonprofit that by law is allowed to do voter education but it banned from programs that “favor” one candidate or another.

EDITOR’S NOTE: With what has been called the “Sovietization” of the Biden administration – including the shocking criminalization of dissent and massive weaponization of the FBI against political opponents – America is being increasingly compared to a third-world or communist dictatorship. Yet America still has one sacred institution that dictatorships from Zimbabwe to communist China don’t have: ELECTIONS. And in reality, there is no reason, despite the regime’s all-out efforts at election rigging, that the tens of millions of decent, right-thinking American voters cannot stop the Biden administration’s ever-expanding madness this November. For that reason, the September issue of WND’s critically acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine insightfully covers the most electrifying and important races, illuminates the biggest issues, reveals how the latest federal takeover of elections actually violates the law, and much more. Looking forward to 2024, the issue also highlights why, to quote the chairman of a major think tank, Donald Trump “is the most towering political figure in living memory” and the person “most fit to lead” today’s America. It’s all in “STOPPING THE MADNESS: A MIDTERM ELECTION GUIDE FOR VOTERS WHO LOVE AMERICA.”

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