The Cloakroom Preview: What if China Invades Taiwan?

This is a special preview of The Cloakroom, a series made exclusively for Verdict+. Join Senator Ted Cruz and Liz Wheeler each week as they pull back the curtain on the philosophy that informs our political debates, the stories that are reshaping our culture, and the legal principles at play on America’s stage and beyond. Become a Verdict+ subscriber to get exclusive access:

The White House completely botches Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, increasing tensions with China and possibly setting up an all-out war. Senator Ted Cruz joins Liz Wheeler on The Cloakroom to contemplate the chances of China invading Taiwan, explain the enormous impacts that would have on the world, and consider how America could respond. Plus, back in the United States Senate, the Senator sends Jon Stewart (and all of Twitter) on a dishonest tirade over funding for a burn pit bill, and everyone watches for Kyrsten Sinema’s next move on the Inflation Reduction Act.

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