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The raid on Mar A Lago by the FBI and DOJ seems to be making a Trump 2024 rum more likely. Political Cartoon by

Biden said we have zero inflation while it remains at 8.5, lying and trying to fool America again.

People are fed up with the bias 2 tier justice system against conservatives and Trump supporters while favoring the left.

The Deep State has adopted Mao’s theory that ‘Power grows from the barrel of a gun using the DOJ and FBI.

President Trump is under attack because he’s in the way of getting to you.

DOJ Ignore Hillary, Hunter’s laptop, the Bidens, and the Pelosi family’s obvious evidence to focus on Trump.

No raid on Hillary for her private server with classified files or Hunter Biden and his Quid Pro Quo with Ukrain and China but

The Inflation Reduction act that includes growing the IRS by 87,000 new and weaponized agents to target the middle class.