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Biden frames guns as a public health crisis as they defund police and take away our means of self-defense.

Biden softly says “don’t Come” but loudly proclaims “I will not turn people away at the border if they come”.

Biden received 4 Pinocchios for lying about the Georgia Election Integrity Bill, saying it’s worse than Jim Crow, or say no food or drink

Of course, the Democrats see no crisis at the border, they only see new voters.

Things Go Worse With Woke. Major league Baseball is gobbling up the left-wing propaganda in regard to Georgia’s new voter integrity laws.

The Media are ignoring migrant children at the border packed like sardines in Biden’s detention cages.

Transportation Secretary Buttigieg proposes the Government tax our mileage to cover infrastructure.

Most of Biden’s infrastructure bill is going more towards Left-wing agenda programs than infrastructure.