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It backfired badly when Biden tried slamming Trump by labeling him the M.A.G.A king, a name Trump wears proudly.

Jean-Pierre is the new disinformation sheriff in town taking over for Psaki who’s heading over to Fakenews NBC.

Plugs Biden has plugged up the free flow of Domestic oil and now the free flow of speech with his Ministry of Truth.

Mothers across America can’t find essential baby formula for their infants but there’s plenty stashed at the border.

We’re spending billions for Ukraine and for feeding and housing illegal aliens but can’t provide Formula for our own babies.

Democrats are hoping the abortion issue will distract voters from their American disaster.

Biden has brought us back to the carter days High gas prices, rising interest rates, and inflation.

Biden says MAGA is the most extreme group in recent American history ignoring Antifa and BLM riots.